I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again

The Soviet Union isn't gone - it has just moved to America:

The N.S.A.’s reliance on telecommunications companies is broader and deeper than ever before, according to government and industry officials, yet that alliance is strained by legal worries and the fear of public exposure.

To detect narcotics trafficking, for example, the government has been collecting the phone records of thousands of Americans and others inside the United States who call people in Latin America, according to several government officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the program remains classified. But in 2004, one major phone carrier balked at turning over its customers’ records. Worried about possible privacy violations or public relations problems, company executives declined to help the operation, which has not been previously disclosed.

Do we have any leaders in Congress who actually care about this country and will take the actions needed to stop this act of tyranny? Since Harry Reid is giving the administration what they want on the Telecom companies, I would venture to say no. Goodbye America - it's been nice knowing you.