Kasich To Crack Down On Exotic Pets.

Following the release of 55 exotic animals in northeastern Ohio this week, Governor Kasich has now said he will sign an executive order cracking down on these dangerous animals.

Wow what a great man he is! We should all cheer the governor in Oho!


There was a crackdown on them, which was signed by the former governor, Ted Strickland. It was John Kasich who let it expire. But here’s what really gets me about the whole thing:

Rob Nichols, a Kasich spokesman, said Strickland’s executive order was unworkable because it lacked an enforcement mechanism. Nichols said that even if the ban had been in effect, the state would have had no legal authority to shut down Terry Thompson’s Muskingum County farm.

So has the state constitution changed overnight? Does the governor now have more authority than he did before? Absolutley not. This is nothing but spin by Kasich’s office to try and cover up an almost deadly mistake he made. Or perhaps this explains it:

Kasich has taken heat nationally from animal rights groups and others who questioned why he let lapse an executive order banning exotic animals which was implemented under previous Gov. Ted Strickland.

Whatever the reason we saw yet another example of how John Kasich is a poor excuse for a leader this week. Also maybe some Republicans will now understand why laws and regulations are important in our lives. They help maintain our society and keep us safe.