Mitt Romney Kicks Veteran Out Of Campaign Event

Mitt Romney has had his right to flip flop protected by the men and women of the U.S. military, so how does he repay them? He kicks them out of his campaign event!

A handful of people wearing "Vets against VA vouchers" T-shirts showed up at Mitt Romney's economic speech in Columbia to express opposition to an idea the GOP presidential candidate has floated about privatizing health care for military veterans.

The former Massachusetts governor was speaking about jobs and labor policy at Colite International after he toured the corporate and retail sign manufacturing business. Ann Romney joined her husband onstage and delivered brief remarks.


Harmon said they had no intention of being disruptive and that she "stood there politely" when she revealed her "Vets against VA vouchers" T-shirt, but at different times they were escorted outside by Romney campaign aides, who allegedly told them to leave the premises.

They left the parking lot without incident and repositioned across the street where Romney would presumably see them as he was leaving.

A Romney aide and spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

The incident was caught on video as well:

It's amazing that the GOP front runner can show such disrespect to the people who served for our country. Remember, this is another Republican that also embraced deferments so that he didn't have to serve in Vietnam It's amazing the number of Republicans who actually do that!