Myrtle Beach Burns

One of my favorite vacation destinations is in trouble:

A coastal wildfire spread early Thursday toward one of the busiest tourist stretches in South Carolina after destroying more than three dozen homes.

No injuries had been reported in the fire that started Wednesday afternoon west of Myrtle Beach, but officials said gusty winds were making the situation worse.

The fire jumped a state highway near North Myrtle Beach and destroyed about 40 homes early Thursday, said Scott Hawkins, a spokesman for the South Carolina Forestry Commission

MSNBC is reporting that its heading towards the House of Blues. Here’s a picture from my visit in 2007:


This is hitting the heart of South Carolina’s economy. Hopefully they get it under control soon and damage is minimized. If not, then I wonder if Mark Sanford will want federal aide to help recover. Kind of a bad twist of irony there.