Obama Derangement Syndrome Reaches A New High (Low?)

It's one thing to be upset over Obama winning last week and immediately go into the "this country sucks" mode, but this lady took the whole thing to a new level:

Upset over the result of last week's presidential election, an Arizona woman ran over her husband with her car, believing him to be directly responsible for Obama's reelection because he didn't vote.

According to police in Gilbert, 28-year-old Holly Solomon of Mesa and her husband Daniel argued loudly in a local parking lot before Holly got in her Jeep SUV and began chasing Daniel around. She eventually managed to pin him underneath the vehicle as he was trying to run away.

Daniel sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

"According to Daniel, Holly believed her family was going to face hardship as a result of President Obama's re-election," Gilbert police Sergeant Jesse Sanger said in a statement.

The rage by some on the right over Obama's decisive victory last week has been scary. Friends are threatening friends, families are in full fight mode and not spouses are trying to kill one another.

Here's the thing people - it's a democracy! If you don't like how an election goes, then work harder next time. If it keeps going the way you don't like, then either adapt or get the hell out of the country! I'm sorry, but this whiny bullshit from the right is getting ridiculous.

True we shouldn't be shocked from such a response to Obama's victory. The right constantly pushed for democracy in the Middle East, but when the people there vote in a leader they don't like, they do the same thing.

They push to let people pick their own leader, but it better be the leader that the democracy pimps want!

I firmly believe in Democracy and the notion that the people should collectively be able to pick their leaders. The only election I was in full pissed-off mode over was 2000, but that year the people did pick Al Gore, it was the Electoral College and Supreme Court that picked Bush. That was a failure of our own, particular democracy and one that should have been fixed. Until that is fixed, we need to live with the system we have and stop trying to hurt one another over the outcome of the system that defined our nation from the beginning!