Obama Pledges A Bi-partisan Cabinet

60minutes Tonight 60 Minutes gives us the Obama interview, which contains this:

In a wide-ranging interview that will air Sunday night on the CBS program, “60 Minutes,” President-elect Barack Obama said he would choose at least one Republican for a position in his cabinet but declined to hint at who he had in mind.

“Will there be Republicans?” asked Steve Kroft, the “60 Minutes” interviewer. “Yes,” Mr. Obama replied. But when pressed, the president-elect would not name the G.O.P leaders he is considering nor did he tip his cards about which cabinet office he saw as a good fit for a member of the opposing party.

I have heard so much chatter from the right about how Obama isn’t being bi-partisan, especially after he picked Rahm as his chief of staff. It looks like Obama is out to prove them wrong again.