Obama Surges, McCain Goes Negative

Following up on my previous post of John McCain's temperament and admission to not being congenial, I would be wrong not to bring up the latest news from the McCain campaign. For the final month of this campaign season, McCain plans to go 100% negative against Obama.

At first read you might take that as bad news, but I beg to differ. I have heard tons of bloggers and pundits call for a much more aggressive Obama and Obama has ignored those calls. Instead we have seen Obama stay on his message of change and talk about his policy and that has resulted in Obama surging fast in the polls.

Yes the economy helped Obama some in the polls, but I don't think that accounts for the entire reason of his newly found success. Instead we saw a man who kept his cool at a time of crisis. While Obama was making his case, he maintained his composure. McCain played a very big political card. He took an unprecedented move of suspending a Presidential campaign, which resulted in an extra feel of panic in Washington all the way down to Main Street.

After eight years of having a President who couldn't keep his cool, we are looking to a future of a President who defines the word. This is the kind of President who can address a nation during an economic disaster and instill a level of comfort in the American people. George Bush doesn't have that temperament, but he looks like Mary Poppins compared to John McCain.

I find the news that McCain wants to go negative as good news. Let him show America he is nothing but a grumpy old man, unfit to be President. We just endured eight years of a man who was very similar, but at least a little likable. McCain had that trait at one time, but has since lost it. I got a funny feeling McCain's tactic of going negative is going to result in two things happening. For one it will help him with his base, those die hard neo-cons who salivate over negative campaigns, along with the racists out there. Secondly it will turn off the independents who don't care about political alignment, but chose to vote depending on the issues. McCain won't be spending time on those issues since he has just scheduled himself a month of defending the attacks. That means more of those independentsThe will now slide towards Obama.

There is a third benefit of this new tactic. It's going to help solidify the Obama base against these attacks. Some people who may be suffering campaign fatigue are going to be reinvigorated, pushing them harder to get out and vote.

Also, these new negative ads will open Obama up to just mentioning the questionable past of John McCain. "Obama has ties to Freddy and Fannie". Well what about McCain's lobbyists, and while we are on the subject of banks, what about the Keating Five? Things like that allow Obama to get some digs in while maintaining a higher level of congeniality that the American people want today.