Oil Spill Commission Report Finds Effort In Media And Politics To Paint The Response Worse Than It Was

This is a very interesting find from the Presidential Oil Spill Commission's final report:

"Local resentment became a media theme and then a self-fulfilling prophesy. Even those who privately thought the federal government was doing the best it could under the circumstances could not say so publicly. Coast Guard responders watched Governor Jindal -- and the TV cameras following him -- return to what appeared to be the same spot of oiled marsh day after day to complain about the inadequacy of the federal response, even though only a small amount of marsh was then oiled. When the Coast Guard sought to clean up that piece of affected marsh, Governor Jindal refused to confirm its location. Journalists encouraged state and local officials and residents to display their anger at the federal response, and offered coverage when they did. Anderson Cooper reportedly asked a Parish President to bring an angry, unemployed offshore oil worker on his show. When the Parish President could not promise the worker would be 'angry,' both were disinvited."

(emphasis added)

It’s all about ratings and popularity. Something like this has come to be expected by politicians in our world of divisive politics, but to have a member of the media exploit this disaster in such a way just to increase ratings, well that is inexcusable. Is this how CNN wants to regain their honor as a news source, by manufacturing outrage in the name of ratings? Anderson Cooper should lose his job over this crap.