Olbermann To Return On Tuesday

Talk about a short suspension:


From Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC:
After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night's program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night.

And it turns out this was all over something I suspected – egos:

Network sources tell Playbook that Keith Olbermann was suspended because he refused to deliver an on-camera mea culpa, which would have allowed him to continue anchoring "Countdown." Olbermann told his bosses he didn't know he was barred from making campaign contributions, although he is resisting saying that publicly. Olbermann may not hold as many cards as he thinks. He makes $7 million a year and MSNBC's prime time is not as dependent on him as it was before the addition of Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, who make considerably less.

Seeing more details come to light makes me think that we’ll see more stories like this in the future. Olbermann’s contract is up in 2012, so I wonder if he’ll be looking to go elsewhere, or if Griffin will look to push him out, when that happens.