OMG – Obama’s Not A Citizen Part 989377198!

The crapspiracy theorists over at World Net Daily have probably out done themselves this time:

If President Obama were indeed born in Hawaii, was it while the islands were a territory of the United States?

A new wrinkle in the dispute over his birth – and whether he is eligible to be president under the U.S. Constitution's requirement that the president be a "natural born" citizen – appeared today when Obama's official MySpace page declared his age is 52, thus placing his birth year at 1957 instead of 1961 as has been claimed.

That would mean he would have been born during the archipelago's time as a territory of the U.S.,  the islands' status from about 1900 until statehood in 1959.

I never knew MySpace was such an accurate source! I would write more but I need to jump on MySpace and make some replies. First I need to tell that 19 year old college porn start that yes I would love to go out with her since she lives in my area and found my totally blank profile page intriguing. And then I most contact this lawyer in Nigeria and give him my banking info so he can send me that $5 million from my long lost relative. Oh happy days at last!