One Of Last Night’s Assailants Has Been Identified (UPDATED)

pezzano1And guess what? It’s no “lefty activist”:

A female Kentucky Tea Party activist who wishes to remain anonymous has identified the man who wrestled a female activist to the ground after the debate last night. In an email to me and copied to another Tea Party activist, she says that his name is Mike Pezzano. Here are two photos. The first is from the news footage last night of the incident and the second was obtained previously by the activist who sent me both these photos and identified him by name as Mike Pezzano. You can see his name on his name tag in the second photo.

Doing a quick Google, I found this profile on Looking at the info, it appears to be one and the same. Here’s a nice little tidbit:

Mike Pezzano Assistant Organizer of Kentucky Open Carry

Yeah because idiots like this really need an excuse to carry more guns.

UPDATE (4:55pm):

It turns out that the actual stomper was a volunteer on the Paul campaign and Paul even touted his endorsement in a full page ad today.