Pat Buchanan Is A Common Blue Collar American?

Talking about Obama's speech about Middle America, Pat Buchanan said "This is what he thinks of us?" As Cesca points out, Pat is not Middle America at all. He is a D.C. insider. To sit there and try to claim he is Middle America is an insult to Middle America.

Obama said that Middle America is bitter for losing their jobs and turn to God and guns in that time. I live in Middle America, where flags fly on Sunday for race car drivers and abandoned factories litter the landscape. What Obama said was right on. I can point to numerous people I know that lost their nice paid job of years to outsourcing. They are facing foreclosure and can barely afford food, yet come Sunday they are at church giving what money they don't have to the collection plate. Come hunting season, they are the first ones out there with their guns killing anything that moves.

Hillary and McCain's response has been about that same, that this makes Americans stronger. Starving and being out of home makes us stronger? Talk about an elitist comment, that is a blatant one right there. I think there should be a challenge to all the Presidential candidates. You have 2 weeks to live on unemployment, or a common Middle America salary, and see how it goes. I bet they would fold within a few days.

Shockingly, one network seems to be standing up for Obama. That network is CNN. Watch this panel slam Clinton and McCain over this:

(h/t AmericaBLOG)

I believe what Obama said does resemble us in Middle America. McCain and Clinton are out playing the elitists on this and voters won't buy it.

Also Cesca reminds us of when Clinton surrogate, and Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell basically said Middle America was nothing but racists.