Paying To Get Raped - The Sarah Palin Chronicles

She don't believe women who become pregnant after being raped should be allowed to have an abortion. Right - that is a view shared by quiet a few wingnuts in this country. But what about having to pay for forensic evidence collection after you been raped? Well Sarah Palin thinks you, the victim, should have to pay for that collection.

Of everything we have heard about Sarah Palin, this has to be the most disgusting. Expecting victims of violent crimes to pay in order to have their attacker captured. The cost is approximately $1,000 for these kits. This bodes the question; how many rapes does Wasilla, Alaska see a year? I mean this town, which has received far more federal money than any other town it's size, can't afford to cough up a grand for this test? I thought government was supposed to be for the people. Apparently not.

The media needs to pick up on this more and get Palin on camera answering questions about this. The issue goes right to the heart of judgment, which is one of the top qualifications to become vice-President. I don't care if the media is shunned by McCain/Palin. They are still out in public speaking and people need to just start shouting, "Why did you charge rape victims for evidence collection?" over and over again. She must be force to answer and the American public is entitled to know the answer. If she doesn't answer then the American public are entitled to know that also.