Photographer Detained For The Horrid Crime Of Photographing A BP Refinery

I guess the first amendment is null and void:

A photographer taking pictures of a BP refinery in Texas was detained by a BP security official, local police and a man who said he was from the Department of Homeland Security, according to ProPublica, a non-profit news organization in the U.S.

The photographer, Lance Rosenfield, said he was confronted by the officials shortly after arriving in Texas City, Texas, to work on a story that is part of an ongoing collaboration between PBS and ProPublica.

Rosenfield was released after officials looked through the pictures he had taken and took down his date of birth, Social Security number and other personal information, the photographer said. The information was turned over to the BP security guard who said this was standard procedure, ProPublica quoted Rosenfield as saying.

Rosenfield, a Texas-based freelance photographer, said he was followed by a BP employee after taking a picture on a public road near the refinery, and then cornered by two police cars at a gas station. The officials told Rosenfield they had the right to look at the pictures taken near the refinery and if he did not comply he would be "taken in," the photographer said according to ProPublica.

BP said this was because of anti-terrorism federal laws, but ProPublica says that BP knew what the photographer was working on and the response was not merited.

But this brings up a very sad irony. This story came out yesterday, Independence Day. So 234 years after declaring our independence from the British, we have a British company controlling this country way more than any corporation should be allowed. Perhaps it’s time to declare our independence from BP also.