Rand Paul’s Spokesman Resigns Over Racist Remarks

Classy guy here:

The spokesman for U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul resigned Thursday after the campaign acknowledged that he maintained a page on a Web site that included racist remarks and suggested the government bore some responsibility for the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Christopher Hightower's resignation came five hours after he told the Courier-Journal that he had never been a member of the Web site, myspace.com, and that none of the things attributed to him on the site were his.

Just how classy?

The page in question at myspace, a social networking site, used a derogatory word to refer to African-Americans in a poem.

"I won't be your n-----. I won't be your slave," the poem reads in part.

Adams declined comment on the poem.

The person who maintained the page also didn't remove something posted by a friend around the time of Martin Luther King Day in 2008. It included a photo of a lynching and the words, "Happy N----- Day."

Yup that’s the story of the spokesman for the son of Ron Paul. Very interesting indeed.