Remember That "Pro-gun" Sandy Hook Father???

Here's Bill Stevens testifying before Congress. This video went viral in the pro-gun blogosphere, saying that he "owned" Congress. This same video has also been viewed 2.4 million times on YouTube since being added 4 days ago.

Well as it turns out, Bill Stevens' daughter, Victoria, actually doesn't go to Sandy Hook. Instead she goes to Reed Intermediate School, about a mile away.

Such erroneous reporting! Who would tell everyone that Victoria went to Sandy Hook? Well according to Stevens:

Thank you for the nice article about my testimony in Hartford. Unlike the Liberal media who don't let facts get in the way, I just wanted to let you know that my daughter does not attend Sandy Hook Elementary, but was in "lock down" nonetheless on December 14, 2012 at Reed Intermediate School (5th & 6th grade) about a mile away with her classmates, one of whom lost his little sister that day.

Oh that evil Liberal media!!! I wonder who this guy voted for in November? I think we can pretty much figure that out, so let's look at who his "Liberal media" is:

As impassioned as his Charlton Heston-quoting testimony was, what's so noteworthy about his speech—and likely the reason he's become something of a hero to Second Amendment supporters this week—is the fact that he is, in the words of a whole host of conservative media, a "Sandy Hook father." On Sunday, roughly a week after Stevens spoke at the hearing and the same day the clip in question was posted, the Examiner reported matter-of-factly that Stevens' daughter, Victoria, "attended Sandy Hook Elementary school, scene of the mass shooting in December." The following day, stated plainly that she had "survived the crime at Sandy Hook." On Tuesday, the Daily Caller did the same, explaining that she had "survived the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting." We heard a similar story from, as well as from a spate of other conservative sites.

So Townhall (aka Clownhall), Breitbart and Tucker Carlsons' Daily Caller are all liberal media? I think I may have just heard Andrew Breitbart trying to escape the gates of Hell to set the record straight.

What happened is that the CONSERVATIVE media was in such a hurry to get something from these hearings and turn it into a soundbite that they forget to check the facts. The liberal media had absolutely nothing to do with this.