Republicans Are Fed Up With Mitt Romney

Countless times I have stated that Mitt Romney wasn't about country or party. Instead, Mitt Romney was only about...well.... Mitt Romney! Now it appears the Republicans are seeing the same thing:

The Republican critics of Mitt Romney have had enough of their party’s failed presidential nominee. After Romney told donors his loss last week was due to “gifts” President Obama and the Democrats bestowed on women and minorities, Republicans are essentially coming together in a collective “go away, Mitt.”

On a conference call with top donors Wednesday, Romney doubled down on the “47 percent” remarks that dogged the final months of his presidential bid. Romney told some of the people who financed his campaign he lost because the key voting blocs that voted for Obama did so because Obama gave them free stuff.

This is another example of Romney only being concerned about himself. He feels that he should have been President and yet it was taken to him by Obama and Congress giving people "free stuff". That is not the case at all. What help cost him the election is acting like a vast majority of this country is freeloaders. That right there is enough to piss anyone off!

But Mittens won't listen. Instead he wants to prolong the shifting demographic problem that is plaguing the GOP and shift blame from his own failures to something that is totally manufactured. I'm just glad Republicans are finally telling him to STFU. That's a good indicator that maybe the GOP will save themselves.