Republicans Should Know About ‘Death Panels’

It turns out that abortion wasn’t the only thing covered in the RNC health insurance. Take a look at what Think Progress found out:

But ThinkProgress has noticed that Cigna, the RNC’s health insurance provider, also urges beneficiaries to think about end-of-life services. Cigna’s website has a page called “Care at the End of Life,” which covers topics such as how to talk with “loved ones” about “end-of-life choices” and whether to stop life-prolonging treatment:

Again – this is “bad” for you, but perfectly fine for employees of the RNC. This shows that every argument Republicans have made against healthcare reform were fake. If they were serious about abortion or end of life counseling they they wouldn’t cover those things in their parties insurance policies.

You got to love it when people play politics while thousands upon thousands of American citizens suffer and die. How can the Republicans even claim to be the “party of life” after they have been exposed for these hypocrisies this week?