The Return of Gore

This should really spark a heated discussion and calls of partisanship from
the right:

Former Vice President Al Gore will deliver a scathing speech Monday at
Constitution Hall in Washington -- just blocks from the White House -- at
which he will declare America is faced with a constitutional crisis, RAW
STORY has learned.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day speech is set to take place at noon at
the Daughters of the American Revolution's Constitution Hall. Gore will be
introduced by onetime Georgia Republican congressman Bob Barr.

A source close to the erstwhile vice president related details of Gore's
expected speech to RAW STORY Thursday. The source noted that Gore prepares
the final editions of his speeches just before he delivers them, but that
the tenor of the speech would focus on what the Tennessee Democrat has
described as a President acting above the law

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We can expect the right wing pundits to counter with "Gore is trying to set
the stage for a 2008 White House run" or something along those lines. One key
here is the fact that Bob Barr will be introducing him. Barr has been one of the
most outspoken people on the right when it comes to condemning Bush's
warrantless wiretaps.