Right Wing Smear Machine In Action

For months the news was inundated with coverage of “illegal activities” by ACORN.  Last night Rachel Maddow showed for the first time the unedited “undercover” video tapes that lead to ACORN’s demise.

ACORN has a very good case here against FOX News, James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart. Their quest for ratings have cost a lot of people their jobs and destroyed an organization that helped millions of needy Americans.

Given Congress’ hand in dealing the defeat to ACORN, by removing their funding, perhaps it’s time for Congress to reverse course a little bit and start hearings on who made the decisions to edit the tapes and represent them as something they are not. It was slanderous, to say the least, and Congress bought right into the right wing noise machine. Democrats should be ashamed of doing that and need to right their part in this very huge wrong.