RNC Spokesman Re-Asserts Desire For Obama/America To Fail

That spokesman would be the main one – Rush Limbaugh:

LIMBAUGH: I am told South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford called me an idiot, not by name. But he said, “Anyone who wants Obama to fail is an idiot.” I don’t anybody else who said it. So, I guess he’s talking about– … Politicians have different audiences than I do and they’ve got to say things in different ways. So, after he said, “Anyone who wants Obama to fail is an idiot,” then went on in his own way to say, “Gosh, I hope this doesn’t work.” … He just had to say, “We don’t want the president to fail.”

Hell we don’t! We want something to blow up here politically. We want something to not go right. … We’re talking about freedom that is under assault!

Again Republicans – if you continue to bow down to this man and take his word as gospel then the future of the Republican Party will be that as the current Green Party or any other third party. Someone needs to set him straight right now and that someone must be from the upper levels of the Republican Party.

The Democrats didn’t bow down to every wish of Move On, the ACLU, or any other left wing organization and look what that got them – the White House and a solid majority. So why is the Republicans so hell bent on bowing down to the special interest group that is Rush Limbaugh and his following?

To state, then re-affirm your desire for our President to fail in such a dire time means you are hoping for the failure of America as a whole. That is the simplest fact there is. Rush Limbaugh is continuing to wish our nation on the brink gets pushed over. I don’t remember anyone ever making such wishes before, rather it was during the Bush years or the Clinton years. This is a new low in politics and public discussion and it needs to be taken on now.