Ron Paul Calls Reaction To Japan’s Reactors “Overblown”

That crazy old uncle is talking again:

Much of the reaction to the nuclear power crisis in Japan is "overblown" but the U.S. seems unlikely now to build another nuclear power plant, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Tuesday night.

"My guess is, when the dust settles, it won’t be nearly as bad as some of the scare tactics we have been reading about in the past couple of days," Paul, an advocate of nuclear power, told Fox Business Network. "Nuclear power is very dangerous, but it is also the safest form of energy we have.”

And this is coming from the guy who believes the government shouldn’t even regulate air traffic, let alone safety standards. His motto of “letting business regulate itself” is in full force with the Mark 1 reactors in Japan. Is this what we really want in America; in your backyard?