The Sarah Palin Book Tour/SarahPAC Fundraiser

If you head to one of Sarah Palin’s book tours and want to get your picture taken with her then be prepared to fork over some bucks. It turns out that you aren’t allowed to have cameras or cellphones near her.

A spokesman for Palin's book tour said the crowd wouldn't be allowed to take photos of Palin, but would be able to pose with her and buy copies later from a Web site.

The cheapest price is $15.99 for a 5x7 image, of which part of the money goes to SarahPAC.

On top of that you are supplied with a list of rules when attending these events, like “limit 2 books per wristband” – something they felt the need to cite twice.

We all knew Sarah Palin was a Mickey Mouse operation, but now we have proof with the Disney Land type operation she is running. I wonder if you can get the keychain viewer photo for an added cost?