Shocker Of The Day

Well this is a shocker to read on a Saturday afternoon:


A national survey by pollster Mark Penn shows two-to-one sentiment that
not only Rep. Tom DeLay but also top presidential adviser Karl Rove should
resign from office.

Interviews of 1,003 voters last Nov. 5-16, conducted for the Democratic
Leadership Council, showed 59 percent felt Rove should quit while 25 percent
said he should not. Comparable figures for DeLay were 63 percent and 24
percent. While DeLay faces trial in Texas after being indicted in a campaign
finance controversy, Rove has been investigated but not indicted in the CIA
leak case.

Penn's poll showed deteriorating Republican support for both Rove and
DeLay. GOP votes favored DeLay's resignation, 45 percent to 40 percent,
while 35 percent said Rove should go and 43 percent that he should stay.


Those words were inked for

Town Hall
by none other than Bob Novak. Someone better call the Pope and
inform him that hell is freezing over. That can be the only explanation for
Novakula now writing negatively of his old buddy Karl.