Something I Noticed Today

I was flipping through the channels, when I came across FOX news. They were talking about Chavez' comments to the U.N. today, but that wasn't the biggie. The highlight was when they said he was heading to Harlem tomorrow to talk about poverty. The reporters on FOX of course blasted him because "he doesn't address poverty in his own country". Yeah - and we do? Poverty under Bush has gone up constantly.

After the talk about Chavez, then moved to Iran. They just had a reporter come back and she was talking about the "serious" people, who are students there. These people question the legality of the last presidential election in Iraq and question their president's decisions. FOX was holding these people up as patriotic heros. Why is it that the people who do the exact same thing in this country are terrorist lovers then?

It was one of those things I wish I would have recorded to post, but I didn't. Besides - it is pretty redundant. We all know FOX likes to twist whatever they can in order to make Bush look like a saint.