Tea Party Darling Joe Walsh Doesn't Want To Pay Child Support

A cornerstone of the Tea Party philosophy has always been "personal responsibility". That always sounds good, but when it comes time to "practice what you preach", Tea Party darlings always fall short:

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) has filed papers in court asking to have his child support payments readjusted. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the one-term congressman is currently unable to make payments to his ex-wife and children because he is unemployed.

Walsh says he is trying to wrangle a deal for his own radio show and organizing a super PAC, but the outspoken critic of the Obama administration is currently unemployed and has no salary, and has therefore asked to be exempted from his monthly $2,134 child support payment. Walsh requested that his divorce settlement be rewritten so as to reset his child support payments at 20 percent of his income.

So Walsh has had happen to him the same thing that happened to millions of Americans. They lose their job and suddenly can't afford their bills. Yet those millions of Americans are lazy, deadbeats according to people like Walsh and the Tea Party. So why isn't Walsh also a lazy, deadbeat? I mean the guy is trying to get a radio program and start a PAC, but until then I'm sure the local McDonald's or Walmart is hiring. Plus he still has something the rest of us never get - lifetime benefits for being in Congress.

Sounds like Mr. Walsh needs to take a big lesson in the world of "personal responsibility" if you ask me. Of course that will never happen. Even when he was earning his 6 figure congressional salary, this piece of shit still didn't want to be responsible and pay child support.