Texas College GOP Leader Thinks Assassination Is A Joke

Yesterday we learned about someone who had shot an AK-47 at the White House over the weekend. So how does the right respond? Well one person decided it was a joke making moment:

Hours after Pennsylvania State Police arrested a 21-year-old Idaho man for allegedly firing a semi-automatic rifle at the White House, the top student official for the College Republicans at the University of Texas tweeted that the idea of assassinating President Obama was “tempting.”

At 2:29 p.m. ET, UT’s Lauren E. Pierce wrote: “Y’all as tempting as it may be, don’t shoot Obama. We need him to go down in history as the WORST president we’ve EVER had! #2012.”

Pierce, the president of the College Republicans at UT Austin, told ABC News the comment was a “joke” and that the “whole [shooting incident] was stupid.” Giggling, she said that an attempted assassination would “only make the situation worse.”

The vice-President of the group is even invoking the "freedom of speech" argument in defending this comment.

Apparently Pierce is a product of that great Texas education, the one where our forefathers included Ronald Reagan. Her idiotic comments shows she is not up on actual current events, like a congress woman getting shot earlier this year. Yeah, Texas don't want to hear that kind of liberal gossip!

Luckily for Pierce Bush isn't President. If not then she would probably be sent to Gitmo, considering a picture of Bush with a thumbtack through the head was grounds for a 15 year old student to get pulled out of school and questioned by the Secret Service. I wonder if Pierce would have considered that "freedom of speech"?