Tinfoil Wingnuts Foiled Again!

Remember a couple of months ago when the wingnuts were all speculating that Obama's birth certificate he released was a fake? They took to their special "Photoshop forensics" to try and prove Obama was lying. Well the tinfoil hat brigade has been foiled again. Factcheck.org has actually seen the birth certificate and can verify it's authenticity (complete with high resolution photos).

Of course now the wingnuts are all trying to say they never bought into the conspiracy theory, even though they did.

But lets look at the people who really ran with this story. Larry Johnson's blog devoted a lot of time to this story, and went as far as accusing Markos of tampering with the birth certificate. None of them have actually seen the birth certificate in it's 3D form, complete with raised seal, but isn't is telling that a site ran by a former CIA agent got something like this so wrong?