We Really Need A Robin Hood

Last week the Republican’s in the House voted to save the billions a year in tax subsidies to the oil industry, yet providing assistance to the low-income for their heating bills is on the chopping block.

This week the House AG committee decided to keep the farm subsidies, which total close to $20 billion a year, yet they want to cut food stamps.

Hearing this news, I keep thinking back to the 2008 election, when we heard “redistribution of wealth” fired at then candidate Obama. This was sparked from candidate Obama wanting things like the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% expire. Of course the Republicans didn’t like it – the redistribution was going the wrong way.

What we are reminded of now is how much the GOP really likes welfare - corporate welfare. The CEO of Shell Oil recently said that they don’t need the tax subsidies anymore, yet the Republicans didn’t care. They still voted to give them their handout, all at the expense of you and me.

The House Republicans are acting more and more like the notorious Sherriff of Nottingham. What we really need is a Robin Hood to come in and stop this stealing from the poor to pay the rich. I just wish more Americans would realize what is really happening and stop listening to the spin and lies coming from the right.

And I leave you with this. If putting more money in the pockets of big business is the answer to job growth, then why did our unemployment levels stay so high while corporate America broke all kinds of records? Economics 101 dictates that when people have more money, they spend more money. When they spend more money, demand goes up, which means supplies must go up. To make those supplies, companies need workers. The basic notion of GOP economics has been the exact opposite of what it really is.