What if….

Our nation received the following letter:

Dear America;

Your nations highways are a disgrace. Your bridges collapse anytime a car drives over them, and your roads are the equivalent to driving down railroad tracks.

It’s truly amazing that you still have a population at all, let alone an auto industry. Perhaps you should look into a horse and buggy industry, since that is the only thing your highways are worthy of carrying.

We hear the horror stories of how cars have to cross your bridges one at a time, creating such long waits in the commute. We can only prey that those vehicles waiting are not fire engines or ambulances.

We blame this all on your socialized approach to highways, through your socialistic Department of Transportation. Haven’t you learned better that government can’t handle such things? 

Canada, the U.K. and all the other countries with universal health care programs.

Sounds pretty insulting, yet its the exact same thing Repubicans and their talking heads are doing to countries like Canada and the U.K. when they sit there and lie and insult their healthcare programs. I just wonder what this could end up doing to our foreign relations with these countries?