When You Can't Do Your Job Then Blame The Media

This really shows the fantasy land that Republicans choose to live in:

Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) appeared on CNN's American Morning to explain why the Senate is spending time on issues like flag burning while polls indicate that the American people are more concerned about Iraq and the economy.

CNN host Miles O'Brien asked Frist why recent polls show that show 54% of Americans will vote for Democrats in the upcoming elections while only 38% planned to vote for Republicans. Frist explained that the people's concerns were being addressed by the Republican Senate but told O'Brein those were the sort of issues "you may not cover and others may not cover."

O'Brien defended CNN, "We are covering but I think there is -- a lot of what you say there -- Americans are not hearing that particular message. As the majority leader, isn't that part of your job?"

You can view the video of this here.

So the fact that this Republican lead Congress chooses to focus only on issues that either protect big business or appeal to the extreme right of their base is now the fault of the media. The fact is the Republicans have done nothing for the majority of this country for the past couple of years. That is why America wants a change and that is why Republicans are now looked at as incompetents. Bill Frist is the same person who made the big deal out of Terri Schiavo and the whole country did not feel it was an issue for our nation.

All I can say is this - I hope Bill Frist wins the nomination in 2008 for the Republicans. The Democrats could run a monkey and beat that pompous ass.