Where Is This Party Unity?

I want to know where it's at. Where's this important party unity we keep hearing about?


Well Republicans - where is it? You're presumptive nominee is failing to get about a 1/4 of the vote. This has been a constant trend for John McCain since securing the nomination. It really looks like your party is divided.

Compare that to the divide the Republicans are talking about when it comes to Democrats. There's a reason for that divide - it's called campaigns. The Democrats still had two people fighting a very tight race until last night. John McCain hasn't had any other Republicans campaigning against him, yet an average of 25% of the voters won't vote for him. Here is a list of all the races since McCain became the presumptive nominee:

  McCain Paul Huckabee Uncommitted
ID 70 24   6
NM 86 14    
SD 70 17 7 3
KY 72 7 8 5
OR 85 15    
WV 76 5 10  
IN 77 8 10  
NC 74 7 12 4
PA 73 16 11  
MS 79 4 13  
Average 76 11 10 4.5

Every time Obama lost a state the media started psycho analyzing everything. They would sum it up as being a "xxxx problem". They acted like Obama should get every vote since the media crowned him the nominee months ago. Well we still had a race going on. Hillary was still campaigning hard, and people were still deciding. How many campaign stops have Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee made since March? Let's hear the pundits look into these numbers and give us an explanation.