Why Can’t A Black President Address Our Children?

I’m sorry but Obama’s address to school children next week is nothing out of the ordinary. Some are trying to dismiss their concerns as “he might be too political”. Perhaps these people should have focused on their own education and a little bit of history in our nation:

On November 14, 1988, Reagan addressed and took questions from students from four area middle schools in the Old Executive Office Building. According to press secretary Marvin Fitzwater, the speech was broadcast live and rebroadcast by C-Span, and Instructional Television Network fed the program “t o schools nationwide on three different days.” Much of Reagan’s speech that day covered the American “vision of self-government” and the need “to keep faith with the unfinished vision of the greatness and wonder of America” but in the middle of the speech, the president went off on a tangent about the importance of low taxes:

Yes the very white Ronald Reagan was allowed to preach tax cuts to our children and not one of these idiots complained. And he wasn’t the only one. Bush 41 also had an address to the students. Yes there is a double standard. Now why is that? Either its because of the President’s party affiliation or his skin color. Why don’t you explain to your children why.