This Is Why Democrats Lose

TPM has obtained a list of new talking points being about the Scott Brown victory being circulated by Democrats:

It is mathematically impossible for Democrats to pass legislation on our own. Senate Republicans to come to the table with ideas for improving our nation and not obstructionist tactics.

When did Republicans ever say “well we only have a 9 seat majority, we can’t do any of our plans”? Answer – NEVER. Republicans never even had a 9 seat majority. The weak kneed leadership the Democrats have just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Then there’s this point I just love. It kind of goes hand in hand with the one above:

When they were in control, Senate Republicans voted seven times to raise the debt limit and refused to pay for the costs of major initiatives. Their claims of fiscal purity do not square with their record of wasteful spending and excess.

And yet they were able to do this without having a 10 seat majority. How in the world can they even put this tainted logic to print?

So why even vote for Democrats now? Really – the Senate Democrats just made us ask ourselves that. Have a super majority is a very uncommon thing in the Senate, with the last time being in 1965. Now the Democrats are saying “well we can’t do anything unless we have a super majority again”, or in other words, “go ahead and stay home Democrats”.

This really shows that Democrats excel at one thing – being losers. We need a tidal wave of new blood in the party to push out the old farts, who are driving the Democratic party into the grave with them.