Will McCain Try To Destroy America If He Loses?

I believe this is a very serious question we must start asking and the foundation is starting to be laid for exactly this. Here's McCain telling a reporter that "voter fraud" could cause him to lose Florida:

That is a dangerous tone to set in our political climate. McCain seems to be ignoring a slew of polls showing Obama leading in the Sunshine State. As matter of fact McCain hasn't lead in Florida since last month (you can see it on 538.com in the sidebar). Most tracking agencies have now moved Florida to lean Democrat and every pundit, as well as pollster, are in agreement that McCain can't win without Florida. Also don't forget the fact that the polls won't reflect fraudulent registrations.

So now that we see a base for how McCain can lose the election, will he attempt to get the Supreme Court to interfere this year. The last two presidential races saw a lot of turmoil and a lot of fraud that ended up hurting Democrats. Despite investigations, reports and even convictions, the Republicans have been quick to dismiss this. Voter fraud is very wrong and should be engaged by no one, but it strikes me as curious how the Republicans now got a serious tone when talking about it. That tone could be used to try and get the Supreme Court to interject.

Why would that destroy America? Well this country is already highly polarized. McCain and Palin seem intent on keeping it that way with their constant campaign rhetoric, but if we see the high court overturn the decision of the voters again this polarization could turn into riots. If McCain is really serious about "country first" then he needs to stop with his allegations and games and start considering the future of our nation. I don't think he will though considering he has this sense of entitlement to the Presidency - a very dangerous trait of any candidate.