Yes They Really Are That Dumb

idiocracy1Remember when the right thought Stephen Colbert was the real deal? They believed he was really a right wing comedian/commentator and couldn’t seem to understand that his whole routine is making fun of the right. Well those righties haven’t become any smarter since then:

Fox News' opinion website Fox Nation and their readers don't seem to know satire when they see it.

The Fox News sister site re-posted a joke from the satirical website The Onion Friday about President Barack Obama sending a 75,000-word e-mail to the the entire nation. At no point does Fox Nation note that the story is a satire.

The Onion story joked that Obama had "reached the end of [his] rope" and sent out the "rambling" stream of consciousness e-mail that addressed everything from the war in Afghanistan to his live-in mother-in-law.

At this rate the right will make the movie Idiocracy become a reality.