In 2008 the Houston Chronicle endorsed Barack Obama for President, the first Democratic endorsement since former Texan and Houston resident, Lyndon Johnson. In 2012 they changed course and went with Mitt Romney. Now they have switched again and in the earliest endorsement of a President Candidate ever, have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, while giving a damming conviction of Donald Trump. 

With Trump set to close out the RNC convention tonight with his acceptance speech, one question will plague me all day. Will he go from the teleprompter, or will he just go up and ramble? The smart move is on a prepared speech, but he isn't good at that. He doesn't get the thunder like he does with he just wings it. So what will it be, prepared or free form? I honestly don't know at this point and almost expect it to start prepared and end with his typical, free style speaking we have seen this campaign season. 

After the healthcare debate 7 years ago and Obama refusing to push for a public option, now he is saying we need one. Yeah, after the insurance industry has figured out how to get around the current law and keep raising premiums, those of us who were coined "Obama haters" for wanting the public option are suddenly on the right side of history. 


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