Republican Adoption Ban

This is a great play by a Democrat here in the Buckeye State. Via


Ban Republican adoptions, not gay
 adoptions, lawmaker says

COLUMBUS, Ohio State Senator Robert Hagan says he has a better idea than barring gay couples from adopting children.

The Democrat from Youngstown says he'd ban Republican adoptions.

In a tongue-in-cheek memo to his colleagues, Hagan spoofs a bill from House conservatives that would keep gays from becoming adoptive or foster parents in Ohio.

He counters that adopted children raised in Republican households have told him it's just plain boring most of the time. Hagan also writes that the kids are more at risk for developing -- as he puts it -- "an alarming lack  of tolerance."

An aide says there's no comment from Republican Representative Ron Hood of Ashville, the sponsor of the gay-adoption ban.

I must say I love this idea. The pure logic (or lack their off) these
Republicans use for their gay adoption and marriage bans are intolerable. The
logic Sen. Hagan is using is far more convincing than that of the Republicans.