Big Turnouts And Big Gains

First to the turnouts. In Wisconsin, Obama won 58%-41%. That's not the only big news though. Look at these turnout numbers:

Democratic: 1,099,004
Republican: 403,300

The Democrats had almost 3 times the turn out as the Republicans did yesterday. That is in Wisconsin - a state the Kerry and Gore won by only 1%. That is awesome news for the Democrats when we head into the general election.

Obama also won Hawaii 76%-24%. Almost 40,000 Democrats turned out to vote, which is four times the amount state party officials expected. Again - huge momentum on the Democratic side of things.

According to a new Reuters/Zogby poll released this morning, Obama now has a 14% lead over Clinton nationally. In a general match up, Obama beats McCain 47% to 40%, however a match up of Clinton/McCain has McCain winning 50% to 38%.

I don't care how much the Clinton campaign tries to spin it today, they are about done. Obama is catching up to Clinton in Texas, and if she looses there she needs to drop out and take one for the party. That would be the noble thing to do, and her best chance at having a future run.


Here is the latest delegate counts

Clinton 1239 1018 1245 1252 1261 1203
Obama 1301 1168 1319 1349 1355 1298.4
McCain 918 884 942 856 819 883.8
Huckabee 217 243 245 199 240 228.8
Romney 286 282 253 166 282 253.8
Paul 16 14 14 10 n/r 13.5