Communism In The U.S.A.

This is amazing. Last night 60 Minutes ran the segment on Karl Rove's involvement in the Don Siegelman conviction. If what has happened in Alabama doesn't seem communistic enough for you, there is more. All last week the White House was pressuring CBS to not air the segment. Well it did air last night, but was magically blacked out in parts of Alabama.  

This can not be written off as some sort of glitch. This is the kind of stuff you hear about from communist nations, not the United States. Unfortunately, under the regime of George W. Bush, we have become more like our advesaries of the last century.  It is time for Congress to act and stop this  from going on. We can not spare another 8 months of this happening. If the Bush White House was involved in the blacking out of this then they must be charged with crimes against the Constitution.