As I get ready to head to the east coast for a couple of weeks, I'll be on the lookout for migrants sailing across the Atlantic. Before that, here's a quick thought I have on how the whole British EU thing came to being and went down:

  • Exit leaders like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage figured that having the referendum would be a good scare tactic to the rest of the pols. That it wouldn't pass but be close.
  • Voters actually pass the referendum to leave the EU.
  • The aforementioned leaders now realize that their scare tactic has become a reality and are now in an "Oh fuck, they bloody bought it! What the hell do we do now?"

If you look at the statements by these leaders you quickly realize what has happened there is basically the same thing that happened with the Republicans in their primary. 

This Week's Constitutional Assault. Brought To You By Conservatives

While Democrats are staging a sit-in in the House to keep suspected terrorists from buying guns, the conservatives in Congress and the Supreme Court are quickly nullifying the 4th Amendment.

For all his flaws, Donald Trump has one redeeming quality. He has an uncanny ability to bring people together, especially when their goal is to oppose anything Trump. The latest example? Scots have risen a Mexican flag to show solidarity with Mexico. The flag also happens to be right next to Trump's golf course.

Scott Walker is the latest big name Republican to tell delegates to their convention that they should be able to vote "the way they see fit." It's going to be a long few weeks for Trump, before the convention actually starts. 

Trump Launches A New Site

Donald J. Trump has made his big general transition with the launch of a new site. But is it really his site?

Putting The Donkey Out To Pasture

With Hillary Clinton set to become the nominee of the Democratic Party, a truly historic moment, we need to take time to reflect what it means long term.

The alarmist Democrats are going on how a Sanders/Trump debate will somehow hurt Hillary Clinton. To me, I can see it helping. There are a lot of Sanders supporters out there that say they will vote Trump over Clinton. But if they actually get a side by side comparison of Sanders and Trump, they might see just how ridiculous that is. That's not to say they will automatically vote for Clinton, but it would help take votes away from Trump, and I thought that was part of the mission? 

The State Department's IG office has released the long awaited audit on Hillary Clinton's email and finds that failed to seek legal advice in setting up a private server, and even if she did it would not have been granted, citing security risks. It also states that Clinton failed to followed long time procedures, meant to comply with federal record laws, by not immediately turning over her emails after leaving office, nor printing them out. 

The report also faults Colin Powell for many of the same failings, which I'm sure people will point to, however Colin Powell isn't running for President. 

That image is a meme going around social media right now, and a very dangerous one. Yes Democrats have a really good chance at winning back the Senate this year, but even if they do, there's a bigger chance they will lose it again come 2018 just because of how the cycles run. Bernie Sanders is one up for re-election in 2018 and considered a safe seat. But if Democrats try to push him to run as a Democrat and have Howard Dean primary him, they will be trying to replace a person with an 82% approval rating amongst his constituents with one that ended his career as governor at 42%. Not only that, but they will be replacing a man campaigning against lobbyists and big money with a lobbyist for the healthcare industry. Then there's the other pesky fact. Dean is one of the very few Democrats to have ever been endorsed by the NRA. Guess that kind of takes away from Hillary's attack on Bernie over guns. After all, he has never been endorsed by the NRA.

So basically some Democrats are pushing a tactic of cutting off the nose to spite their face, simple because they feel party loyalty is more important than party platform. And that right there is why Democrats keep losing. 

What Is She Afraid Of?

With two weeks to go before California heads to the polls, it looks like one of their choices is refusing to debate.

When Will Hillary Clinton Denounce Wendell Pierce And Ed Rendell?

Over the past few days there has been an onslaught of calls for Bernie Sanders to denounce actions of his supporters. But what about the actions of some higher profile supporters of Hillary Clinton's?

An interesting study has been conducted about the aggressiveness of Presidential candidate supporters. It should be no shock that Trump supporters are overwhelmingly viewed as being very aggressive, but what is certain to upset many, is who comes in second. The study found 30% of respondents view Clinton supporters as very aggressive, compared to only 16% that say the same of Sanders supporters. Honestly this is something I've felt for a long time. You post something as innocent as "I'm for Sanders" and end up getting attacked by Clinton supporters as sexist or hating the Democratic Party. Of course the Clinton supporters will never accept nor believe this.

Bernie's Yugeeee Victory Last Night

While the pundit class focuses on Trump's new status as presumptive nominee, the bigger story coming out of Indiana's primary was taking place on the Democratic side of things.

In the bribery case sending the highest ranking politician in our nation's history to prison, former Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert will server 15 months for the hush money scandal which arose from him trying to cover-up molestation of teen boys he coached in the 70's. Hastert admitted to the allegations in court, in which the judge referred to him as a "serial child molester". He is also to undergo therapy. 


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