Per ABC news, Corey Lewandoski, the campaign manager for Donald Trump who made news earlier this month after video surfaced of him violently grabbing a Breitbart reporter has been charged in that instance. No word yet on the exact charges, but this will really put Trump in a odd position.

UPDATE: According to MSNBC Jupiter police got surveillance video that reportedly shows Lewandoski actually grabbing and yanking Fields. 

The National Enquire Bombshell On Cruz - Fact Or Politics?

The National Enquirer has released a huge piece alledging Ted Cruz has been involved in multiple affairs. But could there be something else to it?

Since news first broke of former Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, being indicted last year over a hush-money scheme, speculation has risen that it may have involved some sexual misconduct he was involved in during his time as a high school wrestling coach. Calling that speculation appears to be no more as federal prosecutors have aired in open court an intent to call his victims to testify in a sentencing hearing next month. Going to be kind of hard for Republicans to talk about a blow job as a reason to keep Hillary Clinton out of office, when their former leader is heading to jail for something much worse.

Pete Rose Endorses Donald Trump? Not So Fast

News went like wildfire here in the Buckeye state that our favorite son endorsed Donald Trump. But new information doesn't seem to back that up.

Trump Really Loves The Police, But Doesn't Believe Them

Following a gushy love for the police by Donald Trump at the 12th Republican Presidential debate, the GOP front-runner quickly turned to a totally different stance.

Trump Really Hates China, Except When He Really Loves Them

Bloomberg is out with a story today that shows the hypocrisy of Donald J. Trump in action.

A Day After Being Indicted On Fraud Charges, Big Time GOP Donor Dies In Fiery Crash

While we have two more days to wait for the next season of House of Cards, we get a story to wet our appetites.

Updated Turnout Tracking Including Super Tuesday

I just updated the turnout tracking to include yesterday's contests. The trend I've been seeing is continuing, and that is problematic.

The highest ranking Republican in the country, Paul Ryan, just had to come out and denounce Donald Trump and the David Duke fiasco. Yes, in the year 2016, the leader of one of our major parties had to come out and say "we aren't racists!" because their leading contender for the nomination to be their presidential candidate refuses to do so. 

Clinton won SC by almost 50 pts yesterday, which is huge. And while her and her supporters may be celebrating that, the chart above needs to be heard loud and clear. Democrats are seeing abysmal turnout so far in primary states (Democrats don't track this in caucus states, apparently because the numbers are too depressing). South Carolina Democrats saw a 31% drop in turnout, while Republicans saw a 71% increase in turnout. If this keeps up, we're bound to repeat 2014 and 2015, but on a national level. It's time for heads to roll at the DNC and bring back the 50 state strategy and GOTV efforts. 

OUCH! Chris Christie just endorsed Donald Trump. The timing is interesting. Just yesterday Trump made a comment that he would want an insider as his running-mate and the first person that came to mind was Christie. If anything it would be the most insulting, hot-air, boisterous ticket in the history of our country.

Why Does Ted Cruz Hate The Consitution And State Sovereignty?

The lawyer running to be the GOP Presidential candidate sure doesn't seem to understand the law.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Az) has devised a new plan in order to take down Donald Trump. He has put pen to paper, urging his fellow House Republicans to start urging either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to drop out. Let's think about that for a moment. In a time when anti-establishment sentiments are at record levels, the establishment wants to try and get one candidate to drop out, hoping that will stop the anti-establishment candidate. My guess is Trump will make this an issue of how the "insiders" are trying to decide who we can have as President and it will backfire on Franks and any other member that signs on. 

No Donald Trump Didn't Win The Latino Vote

Since the Nevada caucus yesterday, there has been a lot of celebrating that Trump won the latino vote. While he did get the most in the caucus, the numbers show a larger problem for the GOP and Trump.


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