OUCH! Chris Christie just endorsed Donald Trump. The timing is interesting. Just yesterday Trump made a comment that he would want an insider as his running-mate and the first person that came to mind was Christie. If anything it would be the most insulting, hot-air, boisterous ticket in the history of our country.

Why Does Ted Cruz Hate The Consitution And State Sovereignty?

The lawyer running to be the GOP Presidential candidate sure doesn't seem to understand the law.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Az) has devised a new plan in order to take down Donald Trump. He has put pen to paper, urging his fellow House Republicans to start urging either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to drop out. Let's think about that for a moment. In a time when anti-establishment sentiments are at record levels, the establishment wants to try and get one candidate to drop out, hoping that will stop the anti-establishment candidate. My guess is Trump will make this an issue of how the "insiders" are trying to decide who we can have as President and it will backfire on Franks and any other member that signs on. 

No Donald Trump Didn't Win The Latino Vote

Since the Nevada caucus yesterday, there has been a lot of celebrating that Trump won the latino vote. While he did get the most in the caucus, the numbers show a larger problem for the GOP and Trump.

So while Democrats look to see Bernie knocked out of the running, secretly they are in love with how he has reached young voters and raised money, and looking to copy that. Allow me to offer a novel idea. Why not trying listening to the people, instead of the big money? Of course that makes sense and challenges the status quo, so it would never happen.

In a new poll, 66% of the people believe the media has too much influence in elections. Even more alarming, 76% believe the wealthiest individuals and companies have too much influence, with 80% believing the wealthy special interests groups have too much influence. As I said in my earlier blog post, people are pissed and fed up, while the candidates, save two, try to laugh off the "anti-establishment" sentiment going around. It's time for our leaders to listen to the people and for things to change. 

Bill Clinton Likens Sanders Supporters To The Tea Party

His statements are being taken as an insult, but are they that far off?

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A quick follow up to my post from yesterday on why Hillary Clinton is just horrible at running for office.We have heard people from the Clinton campaign constantly talk about their "firewall", or the minority voters in states like Nevada and South Carolina. Well these people apparently don't like being referred to as a "firewall" and are starting to speak up. I honestly can't blame them either. It's just part of a growing list of why Hillary Clinton, no matter how great of a leader she may be, really isn't that great of a campaigner. 

Hillary Clinton's Political Bubble Problem

When is it we realize that perhaps the biggest problem with the Clinton campaign isn't the voters, the "bernbros" or any other factor, except the candidate herself?

Save Our Party: Why The DNC Must Look Into Iowa

Now that we have found out at least one precincts counts were altered at the caucuses Monday night, it's time for the DNC to step in.

Des Moines Register Wants Audits Of Monday's Democratic Caucus

After endorsing Hillary Clinton for President less than two weeks ago, the largest paper in the state is saying something "smells"

Now that Iowa is behind us and the race ended the closest in the state's history, it's time for a quick reflection. I think that can be summed up by looking at social media and blogs. So just how well did Bernie do in Iowa? Well he did so well, that the Clinton supporters are out in full force trying to inform us that Bernie should just throw in the towel and give it up. As they say, welcome to the silly season!

Following up on my previous, Paul Pate, the Secretary of State of Iowa and a Republican has blasted the Cruz campaign for the mailing, calling it a "false representation of an official act". Traditionally stories like this, coming out only a couple days before voting/caucusing wouldn't have much affect on voters, but living in a time of social media, where more Americans are connected, that could very well change. 


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