Trump Had An Amazing Idea Yesterday. Let's Hope CNN Bites

A lot of attention was given yestreday to Trump's hired goons removing Univion anchor Jorge Ramos from his press conference. But this has silenced an amazing idea Trump had.

CNN Goes Birther!

CNN has jumped into the birther bandwagon, but this time it's different and so is the target.

Why Do Republicans Hate The Free Market??

Arrest! No Arrest! No Story Here, Move Along!

BREAKING: Arrest Made In Boston Marathon Bombing (UPDATE)

Racist National Committee

CNN: Eric Cantor's Office Wrote Loophole Into STOCK Act

CNN's Total Fail

Truth In Politics? Romney Adviser Inadvertently Admits The Biggest Problem

Dear Nancy; Put Up or Shut Up

The Republican Enthusiasm Problem

From Your “Liberal Media”

Why Does The Tea Party Hate Jesus?

Did Hoffa Make Violent Comments Towards The Right?

Defending The Boss Without Admitting It


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