Facebook Promotes The Capture And Removal Of President Obama

A man known to make threats against the President has a new group on Facebook and Facebook thinks it is fine and dandy

Say What? Facebook Is Listening

Facebook has a new update coming out that will certainly spoke anyone that cares about privacy. Will the company pull its future plans?

Get Ready! The Collective IQ Of Facebook Is About To Skyrocket!

If there is one thing the right is great at, it's manufacturing outrage. Their latest anger will be focused at Facebook, which is certain to destroy the social media giant.

Facebook Outage Highlights Possible Privacy Concerns

People Taking Notice Of Employers Asking Recruits For Facebook Account Info

DHS Monitoring Blogs and Social Media

Boo Hoo - David Vitter Has To Work!

Flawed Study: “The Drudge Report Drives More Top News Traffic than Twitter or Facebook”

Facebook Posts Lead To The Suspension And Expulsion Of Students

Why Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs Map Matters

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords In Critical Condition After Being Shot In The Head

Serious Questions About Sarah Palin’s Incompetence To Understand Short Term History

The Stomper Identified And The Interwebs Scrub Begins

Tea Party Candidate Believes Public Property Is His Own And Screw The Constitution (UPDATED)

Videotaping The Police Could Land You In Jail


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