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Coming Now! GOP Leadership War

Nothing spells trouble like a good old fashioned inner-party fight for leadership.

Mitch McConnell Faces Increasing Bi-partisan Questions Over Pork Barrell Dam Project

Another story occured the night the Senate voted to reopen the government. That was the story of $3 billion going to Kentucky for a Dam project along the Ohio River. Now both sides are furious at McConnell.

IOKIYAR - Filibuster Edition

Major Interstate Bridge To Go Toll Thanks To GOP

Mitch McConnell Filibusters Himself

Lindsey Graham - Economic Terrorist!

GOP Blocks Lowering Taxes On American Companies And Insourcing

The Most Polarizing President Ever?

BREAKING: START Passes The Senate

Republicans Block Aid To Small Business

The American Quest For A New Political Class

The White House Getting Ready To Go After Mitch McConnell

Cornyn Says GOP Won’t Call For Repeal Of All Health Care Reform

Why Didn’t CBS Ask All The Questions?

Republicans Don’t Give A Shit About The Country – Only Their Party


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