birth certificate

And They Really Consider Matt Drudge A "News Source"?

Media Mis-Priorities: 173 Dead In The South, But The Media Doesn’t Care [UPDATED X3]

Lunatic Apocalypse–A Black Man Was Born In America And Became President!

The Wingnuts Get Pwn3d Again

Arizona Racism Before It Was Law

Brian Bilbray Says The Arizona Birther Law Is Aimed At John McCain

Arizona – The Birther State

Rep. Randy Neugebauer Apologizes For Yelling “Baby Killer” Last Night

Birthers Could Be Put On The Ignore List

Sarah Palin Responds Regarding Her Birther Comment

Sarah Palin Officially Joins The Birther Crowd

Well We Can Put The New “Birth Certificate” To Rest

Perhaps Obama Should Pull A Palin

Tinfoil Wingnuts Foiled Again!


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