mitt romney

Double Standard: Romney Wants Time For Next President

How Dare Cher!

Funny! Boehner Says Obama Doesn't "Give A Damn"

Romney Surrogate John Sununu Thinks Hawaiians Aren't American

SURPRISE! Romney Pushes Drudge Lie!

Romney's Latest Tax Defense Rivals Schoolyard Tactics

Mitt and Cain - A Lesson In NOT How To Do Damage Control.

Get A Paycheck? You're A Pathetic Loser!!!!

Obama's Best Ad Yet

A Republican Lack Of Resposibility

Romney's Macaca Moment

Could Romney Face Charges Over Bain Claims?

Deception: Time For Mitt Romney To Come Clean!

Romney's Lackluster Tax Defense

Mitt Romney And The Right Pushes Middle Class Tax Hike!


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