April 18, 2020 /

Don’t Blame Don!

This man continues to prove he lacks the most basic quality any of us should demand in a “leader”

Trump don't know

A quality we should all look for in a leader is someone who is willing to accept responsibility, even if it is an admission of screwing up. That’s a quality Donald Trump has never had, and is even more obvious in this article from The Wall Street Journal about reopening the economy:

He has asked White House aides for economic response plans that would allow him to take credit for successes while offering enough flexibility to assign fault for any failures to others.

I recently posted about Trump’s claims of “total authority,” claiming he had the power to order states to reopen their economies. And while he might think that, nothing could be further from the truth.

I live in Ohio, one of the first states that made the unprecedented, nearly impossible decision to shutter an economy. That decision was made by our governor, Mike DeWine, as has the same decision in all the other states. A lot of people have protested these decisions, mostly supporters of Donald Trump. Meanwhile Trump sits on the podium and says he supports the decisions, then in the next sentence denounces the decisions and say the states must reopen.

This is a characteristic symbolic of an ego-maniac. He wants the good stuff to be all his and the bad stuff, well “I don’t know!” This is not a leader, but rather a gloater. I really hope people think about this come November 3rd because our country can’t handle four more years of the “I’m perfect!” President. People are literally dying from this horrible trait in a president.

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