May 1, 2020 /

The Right Cares Nothing About Allegations Against Joe Biden

The RNC may have just gave up the game on their interest in the Tara Reade story.

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I’ll openly admit that the allegation of sexual assault against Joe Biden by Tara Reade has seemed too manufactured. Her story has changed so much and other things I’ve seen have just made it not sit well with me. Still, I believe she should be heard and it needs to be addressed.

Something else interesting has happened. Fox News and many on the right are acting so concerned about her that they are demanding Biden release his archives from the University of Delaware. Amazing that they are so interested in a woman’s work of sexual assault now that they are willing to do that.

When I first heard these demands, I was wondering what records were there. I mean we have a national archives that handle such stuff, so why are they in a university. Well it turns out what is held at the university are more private documents of Biden’s, such as communications with Obama, Congress and various heads of state. If a complaint of sexual assault or even harassment was made against the senator, well that would be made with the Senate office of personnel and/or the Senate Ethics Committee. Those records would be at the National Archive.

Think about that for a minute. When you have a serious allegation against your boss, such as this, you don’t file the complaint with the person you’re complaining about. You go to the next level, rather that’s H.R., the police or a lawyer. So why would Biden have copies of these complaints?

Well all this got me thinking. Hmm….communications with heads of state. I wonder what the right wants with that? Oh yeah, Ukraine! I then kind of shook it off. “Come on Jamie, don’t go down the conspiracy hole!” But was I really that far off? Well enter the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, Elizabeth Harrington. A bit ago she put out this tweet.

NOTE: I am doing a screenshot instead of embedding it, in case it ends up being deleted. I did link it above though.

So my conspiracy is starting to look to be reality. The right isn’t concerned about allegations against Joe Biden. If they were, then they would be asking for records from the National Archive and Senate. Instead their concern is strictly on their conspiracies about Biden and Ukraine. I just wonder how long before this tweet gets deleted?

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